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Google play music desktop player

From the first day I'm using the Google Play Music I was missing a good desktop app. Now I found one, and it's good.

In the past, I used to download lots of MP3's. I often bought full albums as well, especially if I really liked the band. But when I subscribed to Google Play Music a while ago I was amazed immediately. It became my number one way of listening to the music. I'm using it at work, and also at home, where I can easily connect it to my Chromecast Audio.

For a small subscription I have all the music in the world at the click of a button. I also like the random playlists it's creating. But since I was using MP3's before, I didn't like that the player is sitting somewhere in my browser and that I couldn't control the playback using the buttons on keyboard (play/pause, prev, next).

Two weeks ago I found Google Play Music Desktop Player. I think the name is self explanatory, and I don't have to go in details what it is and what it does. It's an Electron app, that is actually showing the web interface of the Play Music. The main advantage is, that now I'm able to use my keyboard buttons for playback. So if I don't like a song, I can quickly switch to the next one. If I want to pause the playback I can do that as well. And the icon in the status bar is also showing me this, by adding a pause and play icon.

I no longer have to search for an app inside of all my browser tabs. I have a special shortcut in my menu and I can easily bring the window up if I need it.