My name is Boštjan Kovač (best way to pronounce in english is by reading Boshtian Kovach).

I'm a web developer, technology and sports enthusiast and I love good music.

Technical background

Committed to computer science since early teens, I went through different areas during my education and finally settled at web development during my college years. After trying different technologies and solutions I started working with Drupal in 2010. Since then I'm committed to the framework and the community as well.

I'm a full stack developer, so my knowledge spans from back-end development, to a light devops tasks and I also like to play with the beauties of the front-end.

I'm working as a development director at Agiledrop, a Drupal company from Ljubljana, Slovenia.


My free time is mostly filled with technology, sports and music.

I'm playing football since I was a kid and I still often like to gather with friends and playmates. I also have a UEFA-B football coach degree. This part is more or less at stall for the last couple of years, but I was a coach of young footballers for 7 years in a local football club. Beside that I like to run, cycle and hike.

My passion is also good music. I prefer rock, but some other styles can also get my attention. I love to visit concerts and festivals, but when that is not the case, I like to grab my guitar and forget about the daily duties.